PSC / MLD Multi-Lock Milling Chuck (Metric)

  • Product Description
  • Product Specification
1. Good clamping power. The clamping power of the MLD32 type is around 1000 N-m.
2. Runout accuracy of MLD holder body: within 0.005mm.
3. Runout accuracy with collet: within 0.02mm.
4. The tolerance requirement of tool shank diameter is h6.
5. Internal bearing cage helps increase the clamping force.
6. After fastening, the nuts and tool holders contact tight to enhance the cutting rigidity.
7. Coolant options: through the center of the holder or cutter. Use sealed caps and SR rings for coolant through the cutter.
8. The per-balance reaches G6.3 8,000 rpm. The higher balancing grade and revolution can be done upon request but an additional charge is needed.
9. AD+B type is available, please inform us when making an order.
10. MAS/BT30 tool holders are without coolant supply over collars.