LBK Holder to SCBH Damped Fine Boring Head

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1. By integrating STABLELINE® technology into the boring head makes its robust one-piece structure, and is to be equipped with suitable LBK holders. This gives you longer-reach and excellent surface finishes for your boring operations.

2. Boring range from ø20 mm up to ø310 mm in standard assortment, the versatile SCBH boring heads are available with internal coolant supply.

3. High rigidity through a bilateral symmetric fit between the heads and holders and large clamping screws, ensures the best possible damping performance.

4. The SCBH damped boring heads are ideal for successful boring operations at overhangs reaching from 4 up to 8 times bar diameter.

5.SCHB damped boring heads optimize cutting speed and feed, offering higher productive machining compared to combination of SLBK damped holders and CHB boring heads.